Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Lusting after all things "Kayser"

I went on a road trip last weekend to Bendigo, Victoria to a big Swap Meet they have there.  It is mostly for vintage car parts ( my husband Kingsley and I love vintage cars, and own two), but there is amongst the car parts some gorgeous vintage finds for we girls and this is where I came upon these fabulous 1940's Kayser 15 denier nylon stockings sitting unobtrusively in their little box, needing a home.... Could I resist?

Of course not!! They are just amazing - stockings of such quality, 15 denier if you please, where only used for very special occasions and obviously these stockings haven't found one yet....

Maybe you have one - so check them out in my EBay store  here

Kayser are and were such a great Company for the stylish girl.  I also found some fantastic old magazines at the Meet, purchased from some very macho men, once again in the midst of their car parts, dating from 1929 to 1941 and here are some of the ads I found for Kayser in them.

 This one is taken from "The Australian Woman's Mirror of Sept 2, 1941  - a nightgown and bolero - so beautiful and elegant!

 This ad is taken from the The Australian Woman's Mirror of Sept 10, 1940 - even in Wartime one could look FABULOUS!!!!!!

And finally from The Australian Woman's Mirror of October 22, 1929, the above ad for Kayser Pure Silk hose...

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