Saturday, 5 November 2011

I'm a "Change Daily Girl"!

1930's Crepe knickers

I was looking through some of my vintage knitting patterns the other day, of which I have many, (they are but one of my many addictions), and I came across this advertisement in a 1938 Lux Book of Knitting Designs.  I just love the line, "......and of course you know the golden rule for daintiness?  Never to wear undies twice without a Lux wash in between!"  And here was I thinking that everyone was a "change daily girl" - apparently not in 1938!  And aren't their slippers adorable - I would LOVE to own a pair of those babies!

So anyway, after reading this lesson in daintiness, I thought I would share with you two pieces of the 1930's underwear I have from my own collection, that have been handmade by some genius, with infinitely better sewing skills than my good self (which I have to admit are close to zero!).

I found these two pieces quite by chance whilst opportunity shopping and I absolutely adore both of them! The knickers have the most divine embroidered circles on the sides and are made of the softest crepe with satin binding.  The chemise is likewise hand embroidered and is in the softest shade of green I have ever seen, similarly made of crepe and satin bound.  Isn't the black embroidery on the chemise just beautiful?

I would never part with either of these items - they will not be up for sale - they are a exquisite part of a bygone era - a time when many women had the time and knowledge to create such stunning creations!

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