Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Knees Have It!

Jean Shrimpton by the coveted
Jean Shrimpton, a photo by the coveted on Flickr

I was reading an old magazine from New Zealand the other day (I have a fascination with them - some would say bordering on an addiction!) and discovered that in January 1966 the knee was "in".

I myself have always disliked my knees - far too knobbly to be of any aesthetic beauty, but what would I know?  The NZ Woman magazine is far more superior of all things chic than me.

I quote"The moment is now.  The place is everywhere.  The knee is "in", to be shown to be appreciated.  A well-rounded knee beneath a short, pleated or slightly flared skirt need not be presented by only the teenage group.  Provided the thigh is shapely, the calf neatly turned, short skirts can be worn at any age."

According to this article even the Duchess of Windsor wears them ( and she would wouldn't she - a gay divorcee who married a Prince - how scandalous!)

I quote further "For the greatest impact these short skirted clothes need to be worn with complete assurance, with Jean Shrimpton swagger and elan.  The wearer must strut and stamp, her posture should be aggressive, defiant.  She must have a long legged swing from the hips"

So there you have it  - Jean Shrimpton  swagger, forget your knobbly knees just think "strut"!

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