Saturday, 3 December 2011

Aunty Claire

My Aunty Claire passed away last week.  She was a very warm and caring person, who loved beautiful things - her china cabinet was the envy of many.  She was remembered at her funeral this week by her sons for her fabulous culinary skills (she was an amazing cook), but I remembered her best for her love of pretty feminine things (my Mother had no time for such frippery, she was a beautiful "no nonsense" woman).

I found this magazine my Grandmother gave me many years ago because I loved the dresses in it.  It belonged to my Aunty Claire, and I got to thinking - which dress would she have liked - did she make one (you could send away for the patterns for these dresses).

I guess I'll never know, but I do know how beautiful she was then, and how full of the expectation of life she was - she was just married and building her own home.....

I also know that she was one of those women on our life's journey who teaches us a little bit of how to "be" a woman, how to appreciate beautiful things and pretty dresses, how to sashay when we walk, how to take care of our best assets,and most of all how to love our femininity...

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