Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Oh I Do Love to Be Beside the Seaside.....

As we here in Australia are celebrating our National Day today, I got to thinking about how enormously blessed we are to live in a part of the world where the beaches are free to sit on and beautifully clean to swim in.  I have lived within a 10 minute drive of a beach my entire life and I sometimes take it for granted, but I know I would find it hard to live without.

My family have been beach lovers from along way back - here is my paternal Grandmother looking fabulous in the 1920's at the beach in Newcastle NSW - she had a great shingle bob and I LOVE her hat!!!

This is a picture of me as a child at the beach as a child in the 60's (now I am showing my age).  I loved the fringe on the top I am wearing in the photo.  My Grandmother (maternal), made the outfit for me.  It was green and white.

In this photo from the 70's my older brother was trying to look cool as was the girl in the yellow halter neck dress who was a family friend and was the same age as my brother.  He had a secret crush on her at the time, and as you can see she was older and much more womanly than myself!!!  We are all with my Father.

And to adulthood where I married my husband in a very mpromtu affair at the surf beach close to our house.  It was just beautiful....... 

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  1. all gorgeous photos....and I too love your grandmother's hat!