Sunday, 11 December 2011

Revelation Luggage

I have always thought that one's luggage tells a lot about you.  Whenever I am at the airport I admire ladies with matching sets of luggage - it looks so chic and stylish. In past decades luggage was very important and made to last much longer than most that is available today.  

When I cam across this gorgeous piece of Revelation Luggage called a Rev-Robe I was so excited!! I had never seen such a wonderful piece of luggage here in Australia.  I have since found out that it was the luggage favoured by James Bond in the 60's films of the same name, and that Revelation Luggage was quite upmarket in it's day, and is still around today under another name.

This bag is silk lined (in an utterly gorgeous salmon pink).  The lid comes completely off and the bag itself can hang on the wall so that you can use it as a "wardrobe"!!!  Oh the joy of finding such a piece! (Please excuse me if this is old news to some of you)

Then I got to wondering.... what kind of clothes this gem held, who was the lady who travelled from England to Hong Kong and Australia with this bag, and why did it end up here on the Mornington Peninsula?  I guess I'll never know, but I'm sure glad it did - it is a wonderful part of our travelling history - a real "ladies" piece of luggage, something to cherish forever.....

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